My name is Steve Nielson. I've been a freelance journalist and writer for many years and have met and written about some amazing people along the way. However, in all my experience of music journalism, I have never met anyone quite like Arlenderre. He is a complete enigma.


It is extremely unlikely that you'll hear of him through the normal music media channels so with his consent, I've created this website in an attempt to introduce some of his work to a wider audience. He is not in the business of selling music and there are no commercial recordings available, so I personally recorded the tracks on this site at some of Arlenderre's live performances. I'm not a sound engineer and the recordings are not professionally produced, but I've tried to capture the essence and intrinsic nature of his work, although it is presented wildly out of context.


I find that as you grow older, you look back over the years and certain music plays alongside your memories. The songs on this website have certainly enhanced the soundtrack of my life. I hope you also enjoy listening to them.